Aerator Motor

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Paddle Wheel Aerator Motor

Aerator Motor

Essential to biological treatment processes, aerator motors are tasked with oxygenating and mixing the corrosive wastewater stored in settling tanks and ponds. Operating continuously at slow speeds, they face severe duty conditions daily that can lead to premature failure. While an average motor can expect a useful life of 15 years or more, these motors rarely survive half as long..

Product Specifications

Motor type Aerator Motor
Frame Size 100
Power 0.75kw to 2.2kw
Polarity 4
Mounting 100-90 B5
Voltage 415V ±10% or as required
Frequency 50Hz ±5% or as required
Protection IP55 or higher on request
Ambient 40ºC
Construction Full cast iron
Enclosure TEFC
Ins Class Class F/ Class H insulation with temp rise limited to class B/Class F

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