Smoke Extraction / Blower Motors

Exclusively Designed for Custom Requirements

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Pad Mount Motor
21 - 100 F RHS
Pad Mount Motor
21 - 100 F RHS

Smoke Extraction / Blower Motors

Suitable for the most demanding specifications of ventilation customers, the Fan and Exhaust Motors design allows high output in light and compact frame sizes for several fan applications. Smoke Extraction Motors are suitable for operating in high Temperature, guaranteeing rapid smoke extraction and delaying fire propagation, allowing free access to emergency exits.

EMPD provides solutions for fire extraction/blower OEM’s specifications.


  • Fan and exhausters for tunnels
  • Power Sectors
  • Blower In Multi storage Buildings

Product Specifications

Motor type Smoke Extraction / Blower Motors
Frames 63-160F
Rating Upto 15kw
Mounting B3,B5,B14 & Combinations ,Pad mounted
Poles 2,4,6,8
Construction Full CastIron or Alumnium body with Cas Iron Enclosures

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