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Loom Motor for Shuttle Loom

Loom motor for shuttle loom is highly demanded in the textile industry. We offer these motors in 62 inch and 72 inch power looms. The electric loom motors have a high starting torque as well as compact body. The motors and completely enclosed and conform to international standards. We have them in foot mounting type or flat base mounting type. The flat base is suitable for cradle mounting.


  • Long-lasting performance
  • Highly economical
  • Reduces power fluctuation
  • Moisture resistant
  • Energy saving loom motor

Textile Application Motor

Textile application motors are the backbone of quality production. The motors keep production line in motion and profitability high. For textile machinery applications, we also offer, Blower Room Motor, Speed Frame Motor, Ginning Motor, Draw Frame Motors with Brake, Carding Motors, Reeling Motors and Opening Roller Motors. The machines are suitable for silk, cotton, synthetic textile mills and power looms.


  • Smooth acceleration
  • High torque
  • Noiseless performance
  • Rugged construction with zero maintenance
  • Available in multiple types to suit the power looms
Textile Application Motor

Application :

Textile Machinery

Loom Motor for Shuttle Loom

Applications :

Agitators, conveyors, cranes, feeders and in various industries like automation, cement, rice mill, solvent extraction, ceramic industries, steel industry, power plants, minerals, food and tobacco.

Gear motors

We offer a range of flexible gear motors in terms of mounting options such as shaft, base, face, and flange solutions. The core materials of the motor are made from high grade silicon steel. All our motors can withstand momentary overload of 1.6 times of rated torque for 15 seconds without stalling. The geared motors also have ball or roller bearings and an externally reinforced gear box which ensures a low maintenance life.


  • Low noise gearing
  • Completely enclosed and sealed against dust and water
  • Versatile installation possibilities
  • Corrosion resistant

Double side shaft motor

Our workforce has designed and developed a wide range of double side shaft motors. These motors have a dual output shaft. The motor is designed with a heavy duty bearing system capable of handling high side loads on each output shaft. Rotors are of squirrel cage, aluminium die cast and are dynamically balanced with a half key to keep the vibration levels very low.


  • Two identical output shafts
  • Integrated electronic speed control drive with speed set input to adjust motor speed
  • Special winding configuration
  • Inverter duty motor also available

Applications :

Air curtains, peristaltic pumps and blower-fans


Applications :

Cement, textiles, blowers, compressors, fans & pumps etc.

Break Motor

We have a range of IE (International Efficiency) low voltage and three-phase cage induction motors. IE2 is high efficiency while IE3 is premium efficiency. 70% of electrical energy consumed by industries is used by the motors, thus it is very important to install IE motors. The IE2 and IE3 motors are suitable for continuous process industries where high energy saving is essential. They have a short payback period, enhanced motor life and require less maintenance.


  • Enhanced motor life
  • Zero maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Extremely durable