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electric motors since

30 years of rich experience in manufacturing of Electric Motors.


Our In House Testing Facility-Winding: We have well equipped in house computerized testing facility for winding. The Following test can be performed with Automatic Sequential Analyzer:

  • Resistance Test
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • High Voltage Test
  • Surge Comparison Tester

Routine Test

Measurement of Stator Resistance, Insulation Resistance, High Voltage (Dielectric Strength), Surge Comparison Tests can be carried out by Automatic Sequential Analyzer. The test results can be stored and we can take print out directly from systems and can submit to the Customers. For Measurement of No Load test and Locked rotor Test, Reports can be generated from computerized test panel.

Type Test

Test at various loads (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 115%) and Temperature rise test can be carried out from motor by coupled with Eddy current Dynamometer with computerized interface. Parameter capturing at required instants. Graph for Motor inputs/ Motor output in X-axis and Speed/ Current/ Efficiency in Y-axis. Selectable comparison of graph report generation as per standard format, database with easy storage and retrieval.

Customization Facilities

Our Motor Windings are Vacuum Pressure Impregnated with following advantages:

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation for Stator Windings besides strengthening the insulation helps effective heat transfer and a cooler motor.

  • Improves Mechanical bond of winding.
  • Improves Electrical Characteristics of Winding.
  • Improves the inter turn insulation of the Winding
  • Improves resistance to chemicals and Moisture.

Rotor Balancing

Rotors are dynamically balanced with a half key in the shaft extension. Vibration grade is 'reduced grade' conforming to IS: 12075.

Production Facility

We have full fledged Manufacturing Facility from 0.25HP to 75HP Standard and customized Motors.


Noise Level

Motors are designed for noise level well below the limits specified in IS: 12065


Entire range of motors is fitted with dynamically balanced aluminum pressure die cast squirrel cage rotors.


All motors are provided with single shaft extension in accordance with IS: 1231. However any special shaft extension or special shaft material grades are also provided on request.